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Hiya! There is no specific theme to this blog. It's just a place where I post things related to my life! I hope something from this blog leaves an impression upon you. Whether it be amusement or disgust, I will have left an insignificant, or perhaps, significant impact upon your greater life. Don't be a stranger and message me d(^.^)b



I couldn’t resist posting a sneaky peak of this stunning dress that has been loaned to me by @dressesbyjulia for a shoot on Monday. I am completely in love with it! It fits so beautifully! Major heart eyes 😍🍓🌻❤️

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To respond to this cute lil gif.

Im a bit of a lover, a lot of an asshole, a smidgen of a luster, and a whole lot of honest.

I say what I feel.  I’m flawed. I’m raw.  I’m aware of who I am and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

If I offend you stop watching.  Or keep watching.  Views dont fund my business; The Nation who support me do.  Just understand that this is what you get.  A guy who will tell you to love yourself because you’re worth it.  A guy who will tell you that no one should ever make you feel inferior.  And a guy who is sometimes attracted to women…that you would only be attracted to for one night.

A woman shouldn’t be judged soley on her looks when you consider her value as a human.  But I will 100% appreciate her curves, lips, eyes, legs, and the way she moves/handles herself.  Women are fucking beautiful and I find new things that make me appreciate their form every day including my fiance’s pregnant belly.  Women are life.  I love women.  I love life.

So the main point here is I love you, go fuck yourself, and be angry at the people who deserve your anger.

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Did you transfer to American University from Colorado School of Mines? Why the switch?

I am still at Colorado School of Mines… What?!